The following is a brief description of the six main characters, we can't tell you too much without giving too much away.

ROD: White male 26 to 28 years old, attractive hyper masculine man. He has spent years training as a professional kick boxer which brings up conflicts when dealing with his sexuality. To counter balance himself and also for extra cash he works nights as a club dancer where he does well financially but not good enough.He's not in a relationship but finds he is more comfortable dating White guys. He was raised in a small town in Tennessee and he was raised by his mom mostly in a lower class family who he is OUT to. But his passion to become a champion kick boxer is a driving force in his life. He has a straight roommate Keith, and Sadie is Keith’s girlfriend.

WHIT: White male, 30 to 35 years old comes from an upper middle class family, he has a conservative type mother and he has not come OUT to his family yet. He was raised as a strick Catholic, so he has guilt about his sexuality. He has a clique of White guys he hangs with but rarely does be become romantically involved. He is not comfortable revealing to others the men he is attracted to. So his sexual encounters are usually with guys he meets online, sex clubs, the park, hookers, etc. He has plenty of opportunity to explore when out of town because he works as a traveling sales rep.

PAUL: White male, 48 to 52 years old and works as a Private Investigator and makes great money doing it. His clients are usually straight women who hire him to spy on their husbands or insurance companies investigating fraud cases. His personal life is very satisfying being in a wonderful interracial relationship and they are planning their wedding. He is about to become a father for the first time and he will begin to realize something significant about himself that will erupt into emotional pain. He still carries around some father issues that he has been working on his entire life.

LAWRENCE: Black male, 28 to 32 years old, well educated and has recently come OUT to his parents who have been financially supporting him and have now since disowned him. He now finds himself emotionally and financially broken. But at least he has his car, his condo and clothes. He has trouble finding work and is struggling with a new career choice, because he needs cash quickly. While he is proud of his race and culture he finds no attraction to men of his ethnicity. He is trying to plan his new life and create a new family. But is he also subconsciuosly contemplating hurting his real family.

TYRONE: Black male, 22 to 25 years old, lives in a small southern Georgia town but making the move to Atlanta to start work as a fireman in a local fire station. He is just beginning to understand who he is and what he is, and wonders if his sexuality is even relevant. He comes from a very religious back ground yet he carries negative feelings towards the White community because of isses that have happened to his family in the past. He only associates with Black guys and has had almost no interaction with the White community at all. He has been attracted to guys who have thuggish tendencies. He is about to grow up very fast.

GREGORY: Black male, 40 to 45 is in a long term interracial relationship. He works as an activist for the Black gay community and their causes. Works with youth who are struggling with coming out, homelessness, HIV/AIDS to name a few. He is respected around the city but gets grief from many of his co workers and clients because he is in a relationship with someone outside of his own race. He finds all races attractive because he is attracted to a man not a skin color.

The script revolves around these 6 characters. Any other character who may be involved will have a small to medium presence in on-going episodes.


Appearring in the first season more than once

MARCUS: Extremely attractive black male, masculine, muscular, owns a gym and is a physical trainer. Is famous for his jump rope class. He doesn’t wear his sexuality on his sleeve.

CRAIG: One of Whits best friends, mid 30’s white, masculine, with a flare. Is close to Whit until he finds out what Whits secret is, then the issue of friendship is challenged.

BRET: One of Whits best friends, mid 30’s white, more liberal than Craig, but still has issues he needs to address with himself concerning Whits secret.

JANE: Whit’s mother, conservative upper middle class, Catholic, and a distant type of mothering. She loves her son, but is not affectionate with him, or with her husband. Can be very outspoken.

ROBERT: Whit’s father, quiet, successful, not flashy, but confident in his success, wants his son to follow in his footsteps, but is having doubts that will ever happen.

MEMA: Tyrone’s Grandmother, 60 to 65 yrs old, head of the family and the wisdom of years she has lived. She loves her grandchildren, especially Tyrone. She is very open minded except for one thing, she watched her uncle get branded and lynched when she was a little girl, and has not gotten over it.

MaMa: Tyrone’s Mother, 40 to 45 yrs old, has two children from two different men, has had to deal with addiction most of her life, hangs on to religion as her crutch to get her through the day. Not as open minded as MEMA is.

TONYA: Tyrone’s sister, 17 to 18 yrs old, young spit fire loves and admires her brother. In first year college, wants to get out of her small town as soon as she can.

DARIUS: 30 to 34 Black male, all around thug, tattoos, muscles, swag, but it gets him in trouble. Was in jail for 5 years, Just got out of jail for robbery. DL, has been having a sexual thing with Tyrone since he was 17. Now he wants to make some changes in his life. He is attracted to Tyrone, but can’t show it.

TARRANCE: Tyrone’s roommate, a slacker for the most part, has a job but would prefer to get laid, and high.

BISHOP EDDIE LONG: 40 to 45 yrs old, Is the preacher at a mega Black church in Atlanta. His congregation will do anything for him, he is like a god, and has been given lots of power and money. Married with two teenage girls. He is also a troll, preys on young men and uses his influence to get them to perform sexual favors.

EVAN: 28 to 32 white male, one of Lawrence’s best friends, is a little wild and loves the fact that Lawrence is going into porn so he can get some good gossip, and maybe meet a porn star.

CHAD: 30 to 34, one of Lawrence’s best friends, white, attractive, masculine supports Lawrence no matter what, he doesn’t like to confront.

CHRIS: 30 to 34, has a secret attraction to Lawrence, white, attractive, masculine and confronts Lawrence when he thinks he is heading down the wrong path, and supports him when he should.

ALBERT: 55 TO 60, Lawrence’s father, very successful doctor/surgeon, and socially conservative, rules with an iron fist, and always needs to be in control. Has two children, Lawrence and his sister Patricia.

ROCHELLE: 48 TO 53, Lawrence’s mother, also very successful, attorney, mother, socially conservative, listens to the man of the house, religious, and wants her children to be proper, educated, and successful like they are.

SLY: 45 to 50, white male, porn producer, shaved head, tattoos, muscles, was in porn himself, Free flowing kind of guy, is very supportive of his actors because they can make him a lot of money.

COACH: 50 to 60 white male, rough, raspy voice from yelling all the time, is Rods coach and father figure. Believes in Rod and is working hard to make him a champ, doesn’t take any bullshit from Rod or any of the guys he trains. Smokes a cigar.

KEITH: Rods straight roommate, 28 to 32, extremely hot white male, all body, no brains. He knows deep inside all he has is his looks and is still trying to figure out how to survive off of them. Works as a dancer at a male strip club with Rod.

SADIE: Keith’s girlfriend, 26 to 30, beautiful, chesty, no brains, mostly because she is addicted to pain pills. Follows Keith around all the time, and drives Rod crazy.

OFFICER BANKS: 30 to 35 Black police officer, sexy man and carries his sex appeal around on his sleeve. Homophobic and loud, loves power and attention.

RICCO: 33 to 36 Latino male, owner of strip club where Rod and Keith works. Hot headed, but fair, and easy going. Its all about business and no drama.

PAM: 34 to 38, black female, feminine, successful, extremely driven and successful, married to Kim and Kim is her world. Best friends with Paul and Greg and is carrying Paul’s child via artificial insemination.

KIM: 30 to 34 Asian female, quiet, attractive feminine, smart, married to Pam, loves her dearly will do anything for her.

CASHIER: 65 to 70 tiny white woman, works in a baby story, gray haired, thinks she is psychic, spunky, and heart felt, warm woman, can insult you without intending to be an insult, and won’t even know it.

MICHELLE: 18 to 22, beautiful black girl, super perky, high energy, California type, is a waitress at a local restaurant near Pauls, and Gregs.

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