SKIN DEEP The Series

A one hour drama pilot for television

SKIN DEEP The Series is a television drama that focuses on the lives of six characters from the gay community in Atlanta GA. Unlike other dramas where all the main characters are usually friends, family, or co-workers, the characters of SKIN DEEP The Series remain anonymous to each other. They each operate from their core belief systems and cultural norms leading to different perceptions and experiences in their lives. All the characters struggle with their personal and societal issues pertaining to race, culture and sexuality. The powerful issues addressed in this series will be depicting the gay community in a way that has never been explored before. The characters are not minimized to societal stereotypes, but each holds depth, strength, fight and determination to achieve.

A very powerful and polarizing topic in this country is race. And the gay community is the only minority group that has within it every other minority. This unique communal consciousness will be explored and the racially balanced casting will help reflect multifaceted sides of the story line.

The predecessors to SKIN DEEP The Series, such as QUEER AS FOLK and NOAH'S ARC all skirted around the issue of race. QUEER AS FOLK occassionally had a token black man portrayed in a minor role as a sexual object, and NOAH'S ARC never went outside the realm of an exclusive black gay world. SKIN DEEP The Series intends to be the culmination of QUEER AS FOLK meets NOAH'S ARC meets CRASH, the 2006 Oscar winning film for Best Picture.

The arc of the show will take us into the lives of 3 black and 3 white men, all having one common theme, I only want to be loved. While some of the paths a character travels to find love may be extreme at times, the experiences will not be unrealistic, as most of these stories and experiences are inspiried from over 150 interviews with people from the community and woven into the dialogue of the script. While at times sexual content is taken to its limits, it is done with the purpose to show how men experience sex, how race plays a role, or how its used as a substitute for love, an addiction or for pleasure and bonding relationships.

The supporting characters will extend off into other racial arenas such as Asian and Latinos and will build as the series evolves. The six main characters will progress into the following seasons, but the supporting characters may have their stories resolved in a single episode.

Properly executed, SKIN DEEP The Series will play successfully into the audiences that once patronized QUEER AS FOLK, NOAH'S ARC and THE L WORD.

The footage you see here is presented as a teaser to the series. This footage is being used as marketing material to present to networks, directors and production companies for consideration to their programming options. We have not filmed any episodes for viewing due to budgetary restraints. Sponsors to help us achieve that goal are welome. Please leave comments on our comment page, as they are an important part to our process.

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